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My name is Natasha and I volunteered at Salisbury Museum from the 6 June 2016 – 8 July 2016. I am an archaeology student at Bournemouth University, who has just finished my second year of study. As part of my degree, I had to undertake a five week placement of my choice. I decided to choose Salisbury Museum as I loved the opportunity to handle small finds and help record artefacts on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database.

My placement involved working alongside the Finds Liaison Officer, Richard Henry, as part of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in order to record archaeological artefacts recovered by metal detectorists in Wiltshire. I enjoyed my placement a lot and I have learnt a great deal during my time working at the museum! I took part in identifying and recording the artefacts, in order to record them on the database.  Overall I managed to record 203 artefacts on the database during my 5 weeks at the museum!

I was very excited when my first record became accessible to the public, it was an Iron Age stater from the Durotriges tribe!


DSC00050 (2)

During my time at the Museum, I recorded a lot of coinage. The majority were nummi from the Roman period, which was incredibly interesting! In addition to coins, which was the main object recorded, I also processed numerous interesting other artefacts including a Bronze Age spearhead!

One of my favourite finds was a gold Post Medieval posey ring, engraved with ‘I am thy lot so refuse me not.’ Posey rings were given as a wedding ring, as an expression of love. They were considered magical, as people believed that the words inscribed inside were enforced when the ring was worn. I found this incredibly fascinating, as I got to see something that would have been so important to the wearer of the ring at the time.

Overall I enjoyed my placement at the Salisbury Museum, I have learnt so much and expanded my knowledge greatly! I would love the opportunity to volunteer here in the future as I have decided I would love to pursue this as a career!