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Megan joined us last week for Work Experience (see earlier blog). As promised, here are her reflections on working behind the scenes and with volunteers here at Salisbury Museum….

My name is Megan Preece and I currently study at Testbourne Community School. I study History, Geography, French and Triple Science. I wanted to do my work experience at this museum because I have always loved History and Salisbury has a really good collection of historical artefacts from many time periods. Furthermore, I have always wanted to know what happens behind the scenes of a museum! I particularly enjoyed exploring the museum and the store rooms because it is so interesting to see all of the objects and find rooms hidden in the mass of corridors. Also I loved answering enquiries from people as that meant I got to go to the Library or look through some boxes of things to find the answer, I learnt so many interesting facts just from doing that. I found that recording items can also be interesting as I got a close up view of the object and I was allowed to thoroughly examine it. Overall I really enjoyed my time here and I have learnt so much, I hope one day that I can work in a place like this.

Thank you Megan