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My name is Ottilie Tabberer and I am a student at Bryanston School. I have just finished my GCSEs (thank goodness!) and I start the International Baccalaureate in September. IB is relatively new to my school and I feel very strongly that it is an exceedingly worthwhile and far more enriching course compared to A level. It consists of a broader range of subjects, which keeps your options open, and on top of six subjects, you have to do community service, give lots of talks, which increases your public speaking confidence, and you have to discuss and link your subjects together in a separate lesson of ‘Theory of Knowledge’.

I have many interests, one of which is archaeology, and I am lucky that it is offered at my school as an extra activity. After a year or so of being immersed in it, I decided that I really wanted to experience more and out of school as well. I applied to Salisbury Museum for work experience and once I had started, I was in complete heaven! To be surrounded by such ancient and historic artefacts and even given the opportunity to hold some made me feel very privileged indeed. Salisbury Museum put together a programme for me which included different facets of the museum. Despite the staff’s teeming work load, I was accepted wholeheartedly and given a wonderful, enlightening insight into the ways of working at a museum. I have learnt a huge amount and during my experience I always had informative answers to my endless questions! To further my learning, I want to become a regular volunteer.

What particularly drew me in was handling extremely antiquated artefacts. Palaeolithic hand axes, Bronze Age brooches with intricate detailing, delicate but lethal arrow heads and vast chalk loom weights. I loved chatting with other volunteers because learning about their previous professions was fascinating and throughout the week it gave me time to ponder about what I would potentially like to do. The exposure to the many aspects of the museum greatly inspired me, and to be constantly encompassed by these beautiful articles would be exceptional. I can really envisage myself working in this sort of world.