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This week we have welcomed Megan Preece, 15, from Testbourne School, Whitchurch in Hampshire, who is undertaking  her Work Experience at the Museum.


Megan has worked with a number of staff and volunteers already, including Ruth Wills who is one of our Rex Whistler experts.

Ruth has taken Megan through the whole of the necessary process involved in recording a letter from Laurence Whistler to older brother Rex. Megan quickly learned to decipher the fourteen page handwritten letter, helping Ruth record the contents which included ten beautiful drawings, most architectural. Megan noted that Laurence was about her age when writing this letter, and may have reflected on its length in this age of quick emails and tweets… Both Ruth and Megan noted the clearly loving relationship between the two brothers, and a certain shared sense of humour!

Megan will go on to do another week’s Work Experience at Whitchurch silk mill which also sounds interesting, although a career in History is possible for Megan.  We may see her here again! Meanwhile, we are hoping to hear from her next week when she has had time to reflect on her experiences at Salisbury Museum.