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“Is it panelled?”

“It does flare out…”

“Ah, it’s when you dance..!”

“Was there trouble with the material? It’s cut on the cross!”

“There’s only one fillet…”

“It dates from ’36.  The same year as the abdication of the Prince of Wales…”

“I’ve got a story about the Prince of Wales…” (That story is related below)

You needed to be there, as your blog writer was, to really enjoy the conversation. Three ladies with vast knowledge of their subject, pouring over the most elegant of dresses, and making sure that The Salisbury Museum has it properly catalogued.

Selina Chudleigh, Pam Balchin and Sarah Brumfitt are here every week, usually with their colleague Caroline Lanyon, and are seen here (below) carefully scrutinising the Museum’s important collection of costumes, some dating back to the eighteenth century. The ladies have breath-taking knowledge and understanding of styles, textiles, and materials used. We will hear more from them next week.


Pam Balchin’s story of the Prince of Wales was that her father had been with the Prince on a transatlantic journey (probably 1931) and, being dressed up as a girl for a fancy dress party, her father had been asked by the Prince for a dance.  He respectfully declined!