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At schools’ Half Term at the end of May, youngsters were invited to come to the Museum to Build like an Egyptian. Volunteer Sophie McGrath was here to help…



 The Lego day at the Museum was really good fun, despite the wind and the rain. I helped with the Lego postcard outside the front of the building alongside a few other volunteers and some professional Lego builders (it’s not too late to change my career course I thought!). By the end of the morning though, I had a severe case of Lego thumb (sore, and with a neat brick shaped indent). The children, and adults, that helped build the postcard seemed to really enjoy themselves, many completing multiple sections. At one point it seemed a mini tornado swept through, blowing loads of little bricks across the gravel. It wasn’t easy to spot the sandy coloured bricks, it may be that we will still come across the odd one hiding there for a while! Watching the image grow out of thousands of bricks laid one by one was really enjoyable and the final postcard looked amazing.