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Every year, Museums are invited to put on unusual events in the evening, or the night, to showcase their collections, and their activities, to a new audience. Across the country it may be anything from a  vintage film night to a spooky sleepover…Here, at Salisbury, it was the Storming Normans, and Volunteer Jennie was involved…

With three other Volunteers my task at the families’evening at the Museum was to supervise the children’s dressing-up activity. We were handed an impressive array of 30 packets of Norman costumes.  These were beautifully stitched and presented and the accompanying list of outfits gave an exciting choice for the children.   They could be musicians, masons, farm workers, gentry, and more – or  wives of same . As most outfits were for five footers – or more – the smaller children just wore the tunic tops and accompanying headwear.  They enjoyed seeing themselves in the mirror and rushing off to join the other activities in full character dress.  Interestingly, quite a few Mums and even one Dad joined in the spirit of the evening in full costume,too.

Museums at Night 13 May 16

I found this all quite entertaining and its always fun to be involved with families.  Those who came were enthusiastic and delighted to have a chance to dress up.

It turned extremely cold and I was glad to find a warm patch by the door to the back area and was entertained, along with the families, by the amusing juggler/historian.