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Our job as volunteers is to repack, measure and catalogue the Pitt-Rivers collection held in the storeroom – especially chilly in the winter!

We are both retired and have a keen interest in all things archaeological, so volunteering for this project was an obvious choice.  A typical afternoon can be researching boxes of the bones or flints, then opening a box of delights and finding a colourful glass bead or delicate brooch.

A highlight for us was the time we thought we had discovered an overlooked treasure – in the form of a Neolithic antler, decorated with carvings of horses and other animals. We excitedly called Jane to congratulate us on our find, only to be told it was a Victorian plaster cast! Nevertheless it was a very convincing plaster cast…

JES photo

It continually amazes us how privileged we are handling history on a weekly basis – still looking for that lost treasure.

Jean Pook and Jane Sherwood

N.B.  See a temporary exhibition about the Finding Pitt-Rivers project currently on display in the Wessex Gallery. This Victorian plaster cast is one of the objects on show.