I am the Project Curator working on the Finding Pitt-Rivers Project which aims to catalogue our Pitt-Rivers collection, alongside a dedicated team of collections volunteers.

This is an outline of the Project and there will be more Blogs to follow from our volunteer team, which will give an insight into the work they are doing.

It began in October 2014 and runs until February 2016 and aims to methodically go through the Pitt-Rivers collection held in the museum stores and catalogue it fully. It is funded by the Arts Council’s Designation Development Fund.

The Pitt-Rivers Wessex collection consists of a range of objects including those excavated from Cranborne Chase, along with other material from Hampshire, London, Surrey, Sussex and Yorkshire from the earlier part of Pitt River’s career. No one has looked at the collection in its entirety, and the material from the earlier part of his career has never been studied.

Most of the artefacts are in the same packaging they arrived in 30 years ago which is unsuitable and needs to be replaced. We also need to identify exactly what is in the collections. For example we have many records which list ‘a Roman brooch’… but what type of brooch is it and how old is it?

The team of volunteers will be helping to record the collection as well as repack it, photograph it and put it online in the future – look out for Blogs on all of this soon.